People are our strength.

We are strongly characterized for the high tech reached on our applications. We like to think us as for this 3E:

Excellence: we are seeking for what is beautifull and usefull… in our doing, almost to surprise ourself…

Experience: it is much easier and fast now to analize and condense… as being owner of the meaning of problems and solutions.

Expertise: a little overconfidence that we evidence… because of our achievment.

Specialization and Integration

Specialization during the analisys and design of the illuminators, they are customized to better fit in the process enviroment, using the statre of the art sources, specialization writing routines and algoritm of image analisis.

Integration in choosing the most performing components , economic compatible with the application, always following the new techs standard and having always clear in our mind the word “industrial”.

UV LED Illuminator

home03High energy UV Led Illuminator with incorporated temperature sensor; mounted on a black anodised aluminium case for optimum heat dissipation.

Web Inspector Application

It is a vision system to be installed on the cutting line for spooler to check the quality of the adhesive ribbon before cutting…