Our professionality, curiousity and realistic attitude permit us to know timings, spaces and dynamic events both for production line than for automatic machine.

This are the steps that lead to a “Good” Integration.

Problem Analisys and

work flow understanding.


presentation and discussion.

Bench mark

realization and execution.


for the layout and interfaces solutions.

Results tests

and statistics analisys.

Acceptance tests

and documentation (FDA Fat Sat).

Warranty, maintenance:

local and remote services.

Know How

Know How In Gevis there are several tenth of years of continued experience resumed , applications in many different Industrial sectors have been realized in companies that are themselves leader in their sectors. We are always pushing for ligth, lens and software solution more and more advanced. An optical laboratory and an Electronic Laboratory having the state of the art Instruments and tools , with CAE CAD , a test room with optical bench and store room with many equipmnets tha permit us to quickly develop, study and realize prototipes.