The sight sense is the intelliget sense in the Automation.
The Vision to: Measure, Recognize, Control, Position

There is” objects” we buy and “objects”  we make directly:



the light control in all its phisical characteristics is a fundamental key for the success in all applications, we design the shape, the position, the intensity, the color, the angle inclnation and distribution of the light that illuminate the objects in analisys.


we keep under control our illuminators in terms of intensity, temperature and timing (strobo) using our property electronic devices, we also tracks the objects in our inspectors using real time system, so we don’t loose more than one millesec. or one millimeter in precision in the inspection automation


our Software Library is fundamental, after many years of development and hundreds of applications, and is ours, always optimizable to better solve any particular problem.


we pay a lot of attention studing the Optical Layout on our labs, by using Optical Table , Optical Cad and simualtors and many devices , lenses ,cameras always available , camera producer ask us to test their new products.